Shop Smart with Kmart

With department head honchos like Target and Walmart, i sometimes forget to shop at Kmart for the little things...I initially only went with the intentions of browsing for home goods...but look what else I found *_____*!!

"great blazer for business"-28.99

"fringe appeal"

both swim wear top/bottom each, 18.99

"cute watches along with boxes from the Sophia Vergara line!"-a great gift idea*-starts at 24.99...that turtoise one has my name allll over it=))

"cool patterns" - see it with a nude shoe*

that price??? winning!!!

great alternative to high heels*

clutch on sale for, 5.99!!

Yes! they carry an exclusive hosiery line for my curvaceouslovelies, sizes range from 1 to 3x, 4.99-7.99*


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Brittany said...

Yes girl! I have found a few good pieces at kmart! Very chic. I don't go often, but they do have hidden gems :)