In the Know: WIDE LEG PANT

Most commonly associated with conservative style, wide leg trousers or palazzo pants are great transitions from day to night... flattering for every woman's curve, giving definition to the waistline with comfort and statement -be inspired!

Carlos Miele spring/summer 2013

photos  courtesy of: madisonplus/vogue and coffee/aubergine dreamz/ali express/bethesda magazine/hello beautiful:livelife beautiful**
wide leg trousers: from day to night


Brittany said...

I love this look but I'm so afraid it will look hideous on me :0(

Masonya said...

Girl Pulease! lol this pant not only synches in that waist but makes any bum look AMAZING! With us being petite, cropped tops and front tie shirts would add that bombshell effect...start out with a denim trouser first- you're gonna love it*__*

Edwina LaShan said...

I just found me some while thrift shopping this past weekend! They give me life!!! I fell in love a couple of weeks ago, when I saw someone rocking them on a blog photo! Omg! Keep it up!!! Im new to the blogging, but I love yours!